1. Ms Me

    She’s zipping the wrong set of lips.

  2. gaudi

    Man her shtick got old and tired quick.

  3. Wow

    gaga, please, stop taking cocaine….. Just because some people pay attention to you, doesn t mean you re the next fucking jesus or judas or whatever ! do you even know where jerusalem is ? you re nothing but a desperate attention seeker, fucked up skank that grew up watching madonna showing her crotch on tv and dreamed to become her clone, coz all this charade you call “art” has already been done by that older fucked up skank madonna

  4. GagaTard

    Hey ya’ll, God sends me lyrics too.

    Like, one day, I was snorting crack cocaine, and watching a bunch of Madonna music videos,
    and I came up with the same lyrics to Born This Way too!


    And, I’m retarded!

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