1. sooooooosuperficial

    I have to admire the avant garde nature of her outfits, but I have a bad feeling that she’s going to end up on “1,000 Ways to Die” in one of them.

  2. KC

    Tom Cruise needs his shoes back by midnight.

  3. Kwalt Taub

    Lady seems to have a BLOWN OUT TOOGIE under all that clothing..a GRAND CANYON of sugar walled love if you will..but..the thought of it raises the bile in me throat, as it’s most likely mutli coloured, dyed and literaly DISGUSTING and FILLED WITH HORRIFIC STRANDS OF MOZZERALLA CHEESE..or whatever..but I’d eat pizza with her..for sure…better than TALENTLESS SNOOKIE and KARDASHIAN or any of those FAME GRUBBING TALENTLESS HOOKERWHORES….UGH..

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