1. TRUTH

    OKAY … is she trying too hard? Must everything she wears be something strange?

  2. ThatGirl

    Lady Gaga flashes everybody and it’s “edgy”; Britney Spears does it and is declared legally retarded. Can we get Gaga a handler too?

  3. sacredandprofane

    Who does she think she is? When you do (wear) something special everyday, it’s not special anymore. does she want us to be tired of her already?

  4. Isa

    She actualy looks normal :S

  5. Do_FreeBird

    She looks like a blushing bride. A hooker, crack addict, drunk assed bride with the sweating, skin flushing shakes.

  6. The Brown Streak

    I have the sudden urge for some lime sherbert.

  7. crisco

    This girl gets stupider, cornier, and more boring by the minute. Why don’t she just hang it the h*ll up? Her “schtick” has NEVER worked, she is a big Y-A-W-N. I almost feel sorry for her being so desperate.

  8. Cardinal Ximenez

    God I would love to just walk up and donkey punch that cunt. Thehn hand her over to the fine gents at asshole and let them have their way.

  9. Bodhemon

    Wow, is snookie getting married? she looks great. how’d she lose all that weight?

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