1. Compound9

    Prostthetics aside i am disgusted by her flying the middle finger in picture #6. Not because she did but because its offensive how little she cared to use proper form with her middle finger statement. If one is to take the “Fuck you” of middle fingering serious one needs to use proper form i.e. pointer finger and ring finger upright and in-line with the middle finger, the pinky must be pulled a little harder to also form a flat surface across the back of the hand in line with the middle finger.

    what she did is not a statement its Just disgusting. Just disgusting.

  2. Meh

    I guess this is what the uber rich do when they’re bored. What an idiot.

  3. That poor guy has been dressing like a woman this whole time???

  4. I’m sick of this bitch stealing other people’s ideas and pretending to be some pioneer.
    When Annie Lennox did this same get-up for the Grammys in 1984 at least that act was cool.

  5. Double D

    yeahhhh. “prosthetic.”

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