1. Emma Watson's Vagina

    now why is the song “I wanna Rock and roll all night” is in my head.

  2. catapostrophe

    Not just anyone can’t pull off that look.

  3. Emily in the sky

    Not even lady gaga.

  4. vgrly

    Total double standard here. I was not allow to bring aboard a tiny pair of tweezer/hair scissors but she’s allowed to wear an 8 inch spike on her heel? TSA – you are doing it wrong.

  5. Frank Burns

    Reading whilst getting his daily e-meter reading, Tom Cruise looks at this photo, slowly shakes his head, and thinks out loud “Damn, Gaga, I love the height you get out of those shoes.”

  6. bethy

    I was just thinking, “what an embarrassing outfit to fall down in,” but then again, it’s embarrassing stand up in as well.

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