1. Zoe

    She’s so cool!

  2. Gene

    Ummm no. Zoe….child…no.

  3. Take a closer look at pic #6. Gaga wasn’t the only one feeling free.

  4. cj

    does anyone else see a young courtney love here? that girl is crazy, but this is awesome! so many famous people would be too scared to do this, but she isn’t/ major props to gaga.

  5. Joe

    Someone should’ve eaten her out as she was surfing… what a fucken disgusting whore… or shoved a didlo up her ass… Actually she probably wanted that…

  6. WTF

    She is a combination of Madonna and Courtney Love. That is not a compliment!

  7. gonzo

    dry-heaving all that I ate and drank from this past month..I would’ve let her drop to the ground.

  8. yuristache

    She continues to try to shock us. Eventually, she is just going to come out and perform a concert entirely in the nude … maybe with a shitty mask over her head.

  9. Cock Dr

    Those are some substantial granny pants under the battered fishnets. I don’t think that any fingers, dildos, tongues, ping pong balls, cigarettes or anything else made it past the panties during her dive.

    • Andriiya

      Actually I think she’s got a regular pair of panties on top of the granny-panties. Plus the layer of duct tape over her penis….

  10. Okalquala

    The United Kingdom has got a truly talented disturbed, cracked actress… He r name is Amy Winehouse. We Americans have this… Confused and over fed on Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Pookee or whatever the fat ho from J.S. calls herself and ribs. A whole lot of ribs. Your money is worth nothing at all.

  11. Okalquala

    Ohhh SimonBarSinister …. You must be referring to Semi And I mean “Semi” Precious Weapons wanker. What an example. Warhol would have loved him huh?… Try’s way too much. Next It’s going to wear platform shoes with goldfish swimming in the heels. It’ll sing about the fish in his heel. Ohhh how he should be with the fish stuck in his heels….

  12. lmao

    I think all you guys are tight & sucking her because she’s a down to earth girl who isn’t afraid & is confident of her body. Lmao you wish you could do something like that & not be called crazy

  13. gogo

    his fake titties look really realistic

  14. Kris

    y’know she was apparently overweight in high school. Hell, if I used to be fat and then got hot and not fat I’d dress like that every day until I got fat again…

    • Toni Hall

      amen! i say “fly, be free” instead of worrying about what the rest of the world finds decent and acceptable…americans are turning into the tightest assed people in the world..always worried…what will they think!!! who cares…i will not live MY life worrying about that or i have lived a life for other people instead of myself!

  15. Valo

    When will her freaky actions be too much? You don’t have to act like a crazy person to get noticed, if you have talent. She’s just f’in ridiculous! She’s a fad that won’t be remembered as anything but a weirdo in the future.

  16. LED billboard

    so sex!!

  17. Surprise

    Wow. When Janet Jackson did that Sh- – it was big deal & she had to apologize to the whole Fuc- – - – world!!!! Please!!!!! Oh I forgot Lady GaGa is yt..

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