1. I would fuck the shit out of that horse face cunt!

  2. God, that’s one ugly dude.
    I wonder how many people felt his balls up while he was out in the crowd.

  3. djchayan

    love this pic!

  4. JJJJ

    She looks like a horse in this picture. Thats bad.

  5. Ashera

    Did everyone miss the blonde chick who’s going for Gaga’s pussy and having a slight orgaism at the though? lol

  6. Stephen Hawking

    Gaga is an ugly no-talent wh*re that appeals to all of the lowest common denominators. Avoid the rush and start hating her now because in 35 years when she is doing the “past her prime, last grab for any attention mambo” by dressing in fishnets and pasties you won’t be completely overwhelmed.
    Rumor has it that Gaga has a person employed to wipe up her slimy grey snailtrails from everywhere she sits. Go figure huh???!?

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