1. Jon

    What an ugly bitch.

    • barry glanville

      she is so fucking ugly it’s ridiculous. also, i love how she’s all “fuck the world” and “be yourself, don’t conform” in interviews, yet that’s exactly the shit she does to make money and be a “star.” what a joke. nice stage dive you fucking hog, you’re sooooo bad ass and rock and roll.. bitch.

  2. grobpilot

    She’s a fucking hog.

  3. She looks totally different in the first pic. I was like, woah, how did Lady Gaga suddenly become semi-attractive? Then I saw this pic which clearly shows her face.

  4. Sexy Brains

    How did ya’ll miss the nip in the lower left corner?! Where’s Waldo. lol

  5. RoniMikey

    That’s a man,or use to be.

  6. RoniMikey

    Is she going to start screaming “leave Britney alone”.

  7. dontlooknow

    I wonder how many fingers she got shoved up her a**hole? Maybe that explains the look on her face in photo #5…

  8. Beej

    What’s up with her armpits? lol

  9. I really see why all the makeup is necessary.

  10. drizzle

    Any one spy the Nip? Bottom left, pic 6…

  11. Rojo

    Did she get her tits done?

  12. lolli

    I believe that nip belongs to a tranny man (not gaga). It’s the same blonde thing in makeup (not gaga).

  13. D

    “Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting and eating me alive. ”

    Return of the Living Dead (1985)

  14. karen smith


  15. MGnF

    OMG!!Suckers get a fucking life instead of watching and commenting stuff u say u dont even like then why do you put so much interest of commentig fuckers

  16. shawnah

    Anyone notice how much she looks like amy winehouse?

  17. Cardinal Fang

    Nice tits for a dude.

  18. yowillie

    Guy in the blue tshirt can probably smell her sweet pussy.

  19. willsuckgaganipples

    NIPPLE ALERT, look at picture 5 all the way to the bottom left!!!

  20. Colico14

    Contrived. Phony. Fabricated. Annoying.

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