1. Gene

    I dunno. Would I do her? Umm…not sure. Would I have ample get away ability? Would I end up finding a pickle in the taco box? I dunno. I just dunno.

  2. Jess

    this is the only pic ever that she has looked hot

  3. bocon


  4. shilla

    are you sure this isn’t the gaga-themed blow up doll?

  5. firstofthehallen

    quite the camel toe there

  6. Hey

    She looks like a cleaner version of Courtney Love?

  7. Wank

    It looks like she could stand to do a few sit-ups by the rollage…

  8. Dude just by looking @ all 10 images, damn peeps are fuckin Stoked man! And the whole time she’s doing the Grrrr face or should I say the “Monster Face :b”

  9. jiniton

    what a slut. but you already knew that.

  10. The guy (with the blue shit ) who is rammin his hand in her cooter is burning off his finger prints for some future crime.

  11. danielle

    pickle in the taco box…..thats

  12. gav

    she got fat :(

    • ambrezy

      r u fucking kiding me……itscalled skin u fn moron…all u obsessedf anorexic freaks BURN IN HELL UR PROB TEN TIMES HER SIZEW

  13. jessesgirl

    Yeah, she’s borderline fat these days. At least when she first came out she had a hot bod – a bit thick, but more from muscle. Note to gaga: when you’ve got a case of the horse face you’ve got to keep the bod tight.

  14. isabella

    ielll i feel sorry for those people xD

  15. TAB

    Was it it that every time I see her, she ALWAYS looks different?

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