1. Crissy

    That’s no lady, no sir that ain’t…

  2. tom

    The Swamp Thing has finally been uncovered!

  3. Jim

    I’m sorry, but could you be any uglier!

  4. Expanded tattoos.

  5. I find her acceptable, bring her to my chambers…..

  6. Tron

    She joined the “usta-be-hot” list rather quick.

  7. alex

    Ok, WTF, she shouldn’t wear bikinis? With 5% body fat, she looks fucking hot at shit. Her face on the other hand, WHOAAA, holy fuck she’s looking beastly. But that bod is super hot.

  8. After seeing Heidi Montag, this is exactly the kind of body I’d rather be snuggling into. Plus we could probably get high and eat snacks too.

  9. Sheppy

    The look might fair better if she didn’t squeeze herself into a bikini 2 sizes too small.

  10. Keep in mind, she said herself that she originally dyed her hair blonde cuz people kept confusing her with Amy Winehouse.
    Good luck masturbating to that.

  11. anonym

    who’s this man?

  12. Your mom

    If she took off the makeup she would be ok.

  13. Aquaman

    Hey look!! It’s Amy Winehouse libing as her later ego!

  14. tmoore

    GaGa is not bad looking at all, just weird.

  15. Girl

    Honestly, if she was wearing waaaayyyy less makeup, and if it were applied in a way more natural style with neutral colours, and if she wore a bikini that actually fit her, she would look pretty. I think she has a great body- she just has no idea how to dress it.

  16. I can’t believe I clicked on this. FML

  17. Paully Boston Baby!

    Omg! It’s the Hot Mess Monster!

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