1. Cock Dr

    This isn’t the worst look she’s inflicted on us.
    Spikes on the boobs……dangerous in a crowd.

  2. Fondue

    I feel so wrong but … it looks kind of sexy actually.

  3. It had to be said

    I wish an attractive woman (or even a woman) would wear this outfit.

  4. m3essential

    how can her left nipple not be showing? not even a hint of areola. Is it on the underside of that tit? has she had them surgically removed? inquiring minds need to know, dammit!

    meh. I’m over it now.

    • Jon

      This is why I never even noticed the spikes until someone above mentioned them. The odds for that guys heterosexuality aren’t good.

  5. Jon

    Egotastic has the full nipple slip if you are looking for gag, er I mean fap material.

  6. i

    where’s the nips?

  7. Naz

    Oompa loompa porn seems like such a niche market but I have to applaud her effort to expand her fan base.

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