1. Cock Dr

    What on earth is that poonhound Scotsman doing at an uber gay NY fashion fete?

  2. “uhmmm… Wasn’t this the dude i kicked while i yelled THIS IS SPARTA?”

  3. “Paris in the springtime? Hold on….no, Kanye, your ass smells like poo.”
    “Ha. I got y’all to smell my ass.”

  4. dontlooknow

    Hmmm…now let me see. This wax douchebag statue has the Morris Day shoes, but the George Hamilton tan and dinner jacket…the jeans off the floor at the Salvation Army store and some dollar store bracelets. The hat I just can’t figure out! Whoa, wait a minute! This is Kanye West.

  5. So, did they sell men’s shoes where you got those?

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