1. Smapdi

    Isn’t there anywhere a man can take a naked nap in a vat of Hoisin sauce without people bugging him?

  2. Shonzie

    Perhaps I’m exposing my lack of sophistication, but I’ll never understand the human food tray thing. One dumbest and grossest ideas “The Elite” has ever come up with.

  3. eating off a bloated bruised body? wtf

  4. Fresh corpses straight from a Chinese prison.

  5. Her ass is in that. I’m not eating anything anyone’s ass has touched. Wait. I’ve eaten at the frickin Taco Bell recently, so I probably have, but it was cheaper, and I didn’t have to look at titties.

  6. RightyTighty

    So, I’m looking through the pictures of Lady Gaga’s new look and thinking, “OK, what’s the catch? What stupid fucking insane thing is she doing now?”

    That’s what I get for asking…

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