1. Cock Dr

    The cocaine diet seems to work, but I can never endorse it for anyone other than pop divas.
    Now she has room to plump up again over the holidaze.

  2. Tommy Lee's Cock

    take notes, Coco.

  3. stevebeagle

    sorry,, she just looks like an idiot

  4. Crys

    and she is a style icon how?

  5. katie

    doesnt she know that most people avoid seeing their own asses? who the hell wants to look at hers? NOT ME. this girl needs to drop off the face of the earth fast. she obviously knows nothing about PR ( or getting dressed) There is no mystique around her anymore. people are bored with lady gaga now and she feels like she needs to strip to get attention and love….wrong job honey. you belong on the street corner or a pole.

  6. Marty

    I’ve been in the bar with this chick a few times and she NEVER has on pants. She just prances around in her underwear. And I’m talking about in dirty dive bars where you don’t want your skin making contact with anything. She’s got a nice ass though, distracts from her face.

  7. Jenjen

    Jesus christ, nobody wants to see this thing neked

  8. browny

    A class act

  9. Yep

    Hot ass.

  10. I like Lady GaGa, but I don’t understand her trying to shock us with how she dresses. What styliest/manager is saying to her to do this? Remember GaGa you started out with Poker need to get back to yourself when you first started. The “monster” thing came afterwards, and I think it’s ran it’s course. Do something new. I hope this comment reaches her, but whatever. I like Lady GaGa, and NOT madonna just FYI.

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