1. No Standards

    Looks good to me.

  2. Joe

    She looks great.

  3. dirtdog

    she is fat

  4. Tata

    She has zits on her butt :S

  5. It´s a Pig!!! (o.O)))

  6. The Observer

    I still think she looks adorable.

    Good for her.

  7. fucktard

    I like it, a girl has to be built like that for sex to be fun. She has a bangin’ body, literally, nothing wrong here, but the younger one’s don’t know shit.

    skinny chicks suck and they break.

  8. amir

    She doesn’t look clean…

  9. Seriously?!


  10. She’s got an ass like Montana Fishburne…and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  11. GrandDragon

    I’d make a map of Hawaii on that ass.

  12. Tronald Dump

    I wish I had a canoe oar to whack that thing

  13. anonym

    i’m nasty. I’d hit that.

    she has, at least, some curves, unlike Ashley Greene’s rectangle

  14. What sort of Herpes strain climbs up the back of your ass to your waist? FUCK! Somebody call the CDC!

  15. Punny Gal

    Hmm… Butt Ziticaca

  16. Critical Cretin

    Definitely not fat. She is looking rather Riot Girl, whom tend to be on the skankier side imo… Not my cup of tea.

  17. Little Tongue

    “Hurry up, dude, and take you picture. I need to pee REAL BAD”.

  18. arnieblackblack

    Built for fucking. Plus you can do a dot to dot picture on her ass as pound on it. I believe it’s a picture a mouse laughing. Tee-squeak-hee!!!

  19. Rachel

    Okay no she isn’t fat but what is with all the “dat ass” type comments? I see curves but no ass! Personally I don’t find her attractive but does anyone else think this move was in the worst taste? If any other female celebrity had a few nobody’s poking fun at their muffin top decided to take counter by taking slut photos in a bra and g-string up their ass they would NOT be called empowering. They would be called petty and slutty.

  20. cagster

    The moral of the story is: if you don’t want to see semi-naked pictures of fat people, stop calling them fat.

    As an aside, that Kelly Brook….what an absolute porker.

  21. LilDeuceDeuce

    Houston, weave got a problem.

  22. Kay

    LOL..she should’ve at least airbrush those zits

  23. This should NOT be in the ‘So Freaking Hot’ section. Ugh.

  24. mel

    i’d give it a sniff.

  25. brinko

    Absolutely gorgeous.

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