1. dennis

    Terry must have called her Madonna before this was taken.

  2. Sooo Avante Guard, Sooo risque, sooo zzzzzzzzzzzzzz …. someone wake me up when she has an original thought, image, idea or song…

  3. She may not be original, but at least she isn’t talented.

  4. I’ve never seen a couch that looks like a rectal prolapse before.

  5. Jaariel

    Say what you want, but Lindsey is looking better in these photos than she has in a…wait, nevermind.

  6. ugh

    He’s not a good photographer. Why is he famous?

  7. Not telling


  8. InkyBlack

    Smell my finger.

  9. lori

    Looks like she’s sitting on a trash heap.

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