Even the Dog looks worried.

  2. Cock Dr

    Very Bette Midler-ish here.

  3. YoMamma

    She looks like Kathy Griffin in this pic

  4. Fx

    I would like to smell that!

  5. it had to be said

    Dude, check out the tranny ass on that one!

  6. mock me if you will but I don’t mind this one bit

    • She’s going to expect a reach-around for her nub-penis.

      By the way, why do I have to sign into this site every day? Jesus – even email sites are 2 week cookies.

  7. anonym

    i dunno. the nasty side of me kinda makes me wanna put my face in that ass.

    that doggy position makes even a flat ass look round.
    Ashley Greene could benefit from this position.

  8. Emma Watson's Vagina

    “Al,Al Bundy … let’s have sex!”

  9. dingus

    this girl tries wayyyy to hard…

  10. catapostrophe

    If that dog can do more than two tricks, she’s the most talented bitch in the room.

  11. Nate

    Lying pos! Gaga said no such rude thing to Lindsay.

  12. Sandusky

    penis in the baht

  13. Sheppy

    I’m so very confused.

  14. At least she knows her best position. I want to tame that ass.

  15. Stewie Griffin


  16. HMcMoi

    Penny run like hell!

  17. Neo

    When a dog turns down doggy-style…your 15 mins of fame are over. :P

  18. joe


  19. Stencil

    I love all the clowns who rail on this girl. Yet every single guy who makes a bullshit comment would jump at the chance to fuck her.
    …and she’d laugh you out the room.

    • InkyBlack

      As a heterosexual male, no I wouldn’t.
      It holds about the same appeal for me as sticking my dick in dog shit.

  20. joeyjoebob

    In late August, Gagas enter their estrus cycle and will instinctively adopt the “presenting” stance in the presence of any male.

  21. Ronaldo

    I would bang her in that position, without a doubt. She looks sexy/naughty there.

  22. Tiny monster

    That’s Gagas hello from Finland!

  23. I bet this bitch is a FREAK in the sack.

    I’ll pass.

  24. Gagasux

    Omg I smell acid and dog turd. Why is this girl so disgusting? I no longer view her as a star. She’s trailer trash with money. Damn that ass must stink especially when the core hole expands into a starfish and expels stinky sewage and half digested McDonalds mixed with pancreatic juice balls. Lady gaga. You’re going to hell girl. You’ve forsaken god and he wasted favors by giving a ln ungrateful undeserving dog like you talent and fame. I hope someone throws feces at you.

  25. You are style Symbol in world .

  26. Looking for the rest of that $2 million? Here it is!

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