1. Dox

    Fuck me. I already regret clicking this link.

  2. Put some clothes on, you fucking slag. You’re not attractive enough to make this fun.

  3. grace

    Whats with that guys bald head, it looks like it was sewed on!
    She’s crying for attention and by putting in on here, she’s getting it.

  4. hair transplant FAIL by dr. victor maury frankenstein.

  5. how nature says “Do not touch”.

  6. Jaime

    You actually put a star on that? Really? Why?

  7. Aside from the tattoos, she’s got a great body.

  8. milquetoast

    In a remarkable showing of charity, Gaga hired Madonna’s secondhand bodyguards, who are useless to her after their brains are sacrificed to Zuul.

  9. stop calling her ugly. she’s not at all. but yes, I agree she’s very desperate. work on your craft (a lot more), girl!

  10. Somewhere Dee Snyder is smiling.

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