1. Joe Blow

    Eww… her chub’s showing.

  2. Why did you have to censor breasts with pasties on them? Isn’t that what the pasties are already doing?

  3. hamtime

    For someone who dances and gets naked so much, her midsection is kinda … robust.

    • you are aware its normal for women to have a lower belly pouch, so to speak. right?……

    • IdDoThat

      She was overweight & overaged when she tried America’s Got Talent or whatever she lost on. It’s the FACE that she can’t do anything about so she wears stupid shit (or nothing at all) to distract our attention away from it. Fact is, she’s just plain… yuck (out of a lack of a better or nicer word.)

  4. littletongue

    Saggies should be hidden, not seen. Thank you.

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