1. Gavagai

    I’ll say on thing for this photo: that look on her face finally makes sense to me.

  2. which one spits out pink burgers?

  3. Andrew

    i don’t understand myself sometimes… i read the article… i read about the extra teets. i thought to myself “hey. i should look at that.” …i was wrong… oh god… i need to go back in time and force a hanger up my mothers vag to abort myself. I AM NOT MEANT FOR THIS WORLD.

  4. xhacktor

    you’ll find this photo in the big book of idioms under “trying way to hard”

  5. My Name Peggy

    Has she been to Japan recently?

    • Bucky Barnes

      It won’t be long until she’s 200 feet tall and duking it out with Godzilla. My money is on Godzilla because to the best of my knowledge he never fell off a piano.

  6. When did they decide to do a Total Recall remake? or sequel? Why have three when you can have five….

  7. After a night of confused and emotionally damaging sexual encounter….. Cookie Monster couldn’t hold it in any longer and threw up all over the bed

  8. Sometimes less is more.

  9. Sometimes less is more, and more is gross.

  10. Anon

    Why is this high fashion? WHY IS THIS HIGH FASHION, DAMMIT?!

  11. Wow! The Total Recall remake is going to be WAY better than the original!!

  12. Stevo

    She kind of resembles Maynard James Keenan from Tool – good on her.

  13. Jacob Ryan

    Just so everybody gets it. . . she’s got on cosmetic prosthetics, not surgically implanted ones. The altered cheekbones is just a little piece of silicone that’s adhered to her skin and then applied with make up.

  14. duder

    Finally, a candid nude shot. This is EXACTLY as I imagined her cookies in the buff. Moo.

  15. Lexander

    Cookies and milk indeed

  16. SuperT

    If this is any indication of alien life, I will destroy SETI with my bare hands.

  17. Mojo Nixon

    Mm-Mm-Mm You make me wish I had three hands…I mean five hands…actually just nevermind.

  18. Amy

    RuPaul and the Mad Hatter had a love child!

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