1. Deacon Jones

    I think I would succumb to that pose…

  2. I’d hit that for sure

  3. Cock Dr

    Weirdly attractive.
    Having a good bit of distance between her & the camera helps.

  4. Hank E Ring

    I had no idea Alec Baldwin made pianos.

  5. All things considered, I’d chomp on dat ass.

  6. annajane

    i like the one where she is falling off the piano more…

  7. MaddyMo

    2 seconds before she falls

  8. Hitler von Killington

    OK, NOW I’d hit it. Oh yes indeed.

  9. Honest Abe

    Never been attacted to a tranny before…

  10. Dorian Gray

    Note to any female viewers – guaranteed way to destroy whatever natural attraction your curves have = cover yourself in tatts.


    Fuck all ya’ll. That dude’s got a nice ass!

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