1. Miss

    Na-na-na-na spanish lullaby..

  2. Do_Freebird

    Take away the fat ass, bulbous nose, and buck teeth, and she, um she, well she still looks like a butter face Madonna wanabe.

  3. Ominona

    fucking madonna wannabe

  4. Jaybird

    Pick #3 & #4 – Courtney Love?

  5. Where’s the cone tits?? and ………. talent

  6. itssyd

    isn’t that madonna from that fabu film, “whose that girl” ? rent it. it’s a fine , fine, fine piece of cinema.

  7. Wow

    and mad donna is the copy of a cheap whore that desperately wanted to be famous and start sucking and fucking rich old man and spread her legs and always spread her legs and show her crotch to the whole planet, so she can be “FAMOUS” her singing sucks, she plays 0 instruments and her time s up now ! She s 50, she shouldn t be allowed to show her granny crotch and vein-y gross arms anymore… And gaga shouldn t be allowed to show her buterface !!!! She s sooooo damn ugly, at least mad donna was beautiful, but, she had no ass, no hips, no curves like gaga… AAAhh, who cares about gaga and mad donna anyway, both of them are sick pop tarts skanks egomaniac diva bitches starving for fame and gay worshipers

  8. Maryann

    She’s a dead ringer for Madonna and I don’t think she’s ugly at all. She doesn’t have a fat ass, buck teeth or a bulbous nose either retard!!!

    • TaT

      Then you’re blind. She looks NOTHING like Madonna. And she has all of those things, the nose and buck teeth. She also has TALENT. But, she really needs to get her own identity.

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