1. bassackwards

    COOL!! Then maybe we won’t have to be subjected to this fucking freak much longer! The day she(it) goes will be a banner waving day!

  2. Cliff Clavin

    I’m tired of this self-obsessed ego maniac.

  3. DC Supreme

    Please, please, please be true…

  4. thats to sad her music is awesome its to sad some people are so insecure and are so quik to judge others much. o well u guys must have some shitty n fuked up lifes, if shes different and yet became so famous think u all will never b no one.

    • Audieme

      Please learn the difference between “to” and “too.”

    • Chorazin

      First of all, if you are not simply trolling, acquire an education, drop the 1337txt and finally, get a clue.

      Secondly, I don’t think her critics have been ‘quick to judge’ the Gaga…. She’s been whoring up a storm for years now, and the majority of people who dislike what she does/stands for are not angry at her difference, but because she is *exactly* the same as a number of major pop icons who have gone before.

      If she *is* dying, it is probably from shame at having raped the careers of Madonna, Freddie mercury, Betty Page, et al.

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