1. coral


  2. Kt

    I love these shots, I think they’re amazing. It takes some bravery and gaul to think outside of the norm. Not to mention, bending gender norms is something that needs to be addressed within society. Maybe America is ready for this??

    • ktulu

      you’re an idiot

    • sunshine

      Kt is Randal’s new pen name.

      • Gabe

        Hmmmm… America might not be ready for such things but that won’t stop progress for human equality and rights movements. I am proud to stand up with my brothers and sisters for the rights we deserve. After the hate speech and horrid actions of the intollerant I feel THEY don’t deserve the rights that we’re fighting for so desperately.

    • Noelegy

      “It takes some bravery and gaul to think outside of the norm.”

      Eh, I think this is more of a Visigoth or Vandal kind of thinking.

  3. GladToSay

    WTF comes to mind and the second thought was didn’t he play in Saving Private Ryan?

  4. Hugh Gentry

    that dude has an enormous nose.

  5. I like the pictures. Makes me want my own male alter ego to hit on the ladies.

  6. kingofbeer

    Dude, is that Shia LaBeouf?

  7. Some Girl

    Very hot. She’s Italian alright.

  8. I love drag queens as much as the next cross-dresser but I was totally bummed that these didn’t look more awesome. Instead, we have a wussier-looking Nic Cage on our hands, as if that’s something society needs right now.

  9. Tres Equis

    She is nothing without her costumes. Ugly chick at best.

  10. anon

    further proof gaga has no penis – even when she tries to look like a guy, she just looks like a tranny trying to be a man

    • tranny lover

      First of all gender has NOTHING to do with genitals, you ignorant fuck.
      Second- trans men ARE men not trannies trying to be men.

    • Gabe

      Intollerance is not long for this world, and you’d be wise to wise up to the ways of a changing time… Statements such as this have caused people to revolt against that which was “strange and foreign” to them which resulted in the deaths of many wonderful free spirited true-to-their-soul individuals. The hate of intollerance is going the way of the dino, and hopefully the hateful along with it.

  11. Cat

    damn shes got that big jew nose like shia labeouf


    Dude, this is gay

  13. Insatiable Peter

    The alter ego is meant to explain the penis.

  14. Well well well

    The first time I saw this GaGa herm, I knew she was a guy. This just proves my point that this is the way he/she looks normally, and the GaGa persona is the fake one.

  15. WOW

    she looks like a young marilyn manson out of church

  16. Marie

    Gaga comes clean ??

    i mean come on ! she looks like a man in drag as a woman shes the spokesperson for the transgender community or sommin & these are the most genuine looking pics of Gaga i’ve ever seen she’s a puney little italian boy who likes to play dress up.

    Also when woman are butch lesbians and they dress like men e.g Ellen its still obvious thats its a woman in a suit isn’t it. These pics just look like a man STRAIGHT UP !!!! OUTED !

    • Gabe

      Obviously you’ve done your research into what a real transgendered female to male is all about. And clearly you can speak for the whole of the trans community by stating Gaga is their …I mean OUR spokesperson, right? Cuz you got that from… what source exactly? It INFURIATES me to read trash such as this. You need to take a BIG step back and realize your 2 cents are best spent on learning to let go of hate.

  17. wow

    this is hot ! , ill definitely tap him ! LOL.
    why couldnt Gaga be a guy ! hahaha

    her hair is brown again ? i like her better w/ brunette

  18. sos

    You try way too hard to be witty, it’s not funny…

  19. blerp

    I’m a chick, and she looks pretty hot in drag.

  20. She looks better a guy!

  21. Green

    maybe he’s really a dude and the ‘she” persona is really a gotcha on all of us!

    • A “she” persona? I always thought it was an “it” persona at its best and an “aliens have definitely lost their shit” persona at its worst.

  22. Nicole

    This is so stupid!! I am so tired of people “pushing the envelope”. Ugh, I’m already bored.

  23. Lulz

    I came.

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