1. Al

    lol this girl tries too hard

  2. AnneShirley

    Ugly ugly face.

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    true story
    my first was a blonde that stunk like a fish, i swore off blonde’s for that reason.
    But…this fine lady has made me rethink about my aversion to spelunking that kind.
    Tie a rope around my waist, I’m going in.

  4. Dog

    Jew face

  5. Heeziefosheezie

    Say what you want, that’s still a quarter-bounceable ass right there. I’ll put up with lifeless, saggy titties and fuglyface for a double handful of that.

  6. zoomzoom

    looks chilly

  7. Quinn

    This is what she wore at the jail scene in Telephone video. She is wearing the exact same bra, but the bikini bottom is only slightly different. The exact bikini bottom style was worn by the dancers in the video.

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