1. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Where’s the NSFW version?

  2. This looks like a mother/daughter porno that even I don’t want to watch.

  3. Where’s Andrew Cunanan when you need him?

  4. Cardiff Giant

    Ugly in stereo

  5. alex

    Am I the only one that thinks gaga looks great in this? She doesnt even look recognizable. And the photo has obviously been touched up to wipe out some of the terracotta on Versace’s face.

  6. Beer Baron

    Dee Snider is lookin’ good!

  7. Doesnt that head look like it was shopped on to GaGa, looks strange………..

  8. i see dead people

    i really do see dead people! o.o

    no-one wants to see either of these two skanks especially topless.

  9. I don’t even remember this scene from “Looper!”

  10. edg

    Gaga with her own persona but from the future, she traveled 500 years back from the future to warn USA that Romney (aka Apocalypses from the X-Men) from now on will rule the world

  11. UniversalUgly

    And in her newest performance, Gaga travels ahead in time to show us what she will look like at 86.

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    This is scarier than anything I’ve seen in the Twilight movies.

  13. tonawanda

    What is that thing on the left??

  14. 70% Lohan looks. 30% Lohan crazy. 100% less stealing (unless you’re Madonna).

  15. hijkmno

    At first I was thinking gaga lost a shit ton of weight since those fatty photos from less than 2 weeks ago. Then I zoomed in and saw somebody photo shopped the shit out of her waistline and God knows what else.

  16. Lady GaGa finally figured out how to make herself look more attractive. Stand next to Donatella Versace.

  17. the crazy betty

    these people are tired.

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