1. For the record, TS readers, the Repubs cannot block any legislation if it has full democratic support – there are only 40 with an R by their name. This legislation was killed by the Dems. Remember that when debating this issue.

    • Sarcastic_Twit

      Uh, might want to recount that number there sport. (hint Scott Brown)

      Shooting down the bill was easy considering the Dems didn’t let the Repubs add to the bill like the Dems were allowed to.

      But yeah, “repressing minorities” from the article is way over-the-top, even for The Superficial.

  2. valerie

    as someone from maine….the rally was yesterday, not this morning. also, our senators were never going to vote for this. unfortunately, our state is fiscally liberal and socially conservative and they know that.

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