1. She fell on her face but never let go of her phone the entire time.

  2. Cindy Elmwood

    This is actually a great picture. (except for the train getting cut off at the bottom)

  3. superstar

    Noticed how skinny she’s got? :p she’s almost pure bones and old lady looking.

    • Laura

      True. I noticed she’s lost weight since she first got popular in ’08. If she loses anymore she’ll be looking really un healthy

  4. Kitty Karloso

    Skinny?! Ha! Look at those chubby stumps she calls arms and legs. She only looks thin in her videos because they fix it.

  5. Owow

    You know with shoes like that – falling on your face is gonna happen sooner than later

  6. Lou

    Wooohooo!!! Platform shoes Freestyle competition winner, looool

  7. its bout time one of her horrific outfits fights back. sometimes she is edgy and funky but most of the time she just looks ridiculous. eat it lady gaga…haha!

  8. stings

    I can’t wait for people to get sick of this impersonator and it goes away!

  9. sasha

    She’s about as edgy as Miley Cyrus. They both try too hard.

  10. georgie

    She totally looks like a dude from behind. She looks like a drag queen.

  11. nate

    Seriously u wear those shoes at an airport?

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