1. Max Planck

    Down on all fours?

    She just wanted to look like a Kardashian.

  2. Howie

    HA! freaking idiot! To bad she didn’t break that nasty face…

  3. Jesus Christ, what a total hack. So sick of this broad.

  4. pure.ticking

    yeees, lick the floor , bitch!

  5. Agwings

    Gaaaa…, it’s like Jar-Jar Binks visits Ms. Sophie’s house of pain.

  6. fuxyslot

    she loves the humiliation. a different feeling kind of attention

  7. E

    i wouldnt want to be standing behind her in line at airport security with those shoes….

  8. faded

    Her 3rd leg got in the way.

  9. turd da 3rd

    She reminds me of David Hasselhoff eating the burger on the floor…

  10. jerry

    fucking retard.

  11. yeababy

    Is that like a half cape she tripped on? Everyone knows capes are bad–No capes!

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