1. Mike Nike

    She looks like a retard. I think this celebrity stuff has messed up her head.

  2. Whipman

    What A Friggin’ Idiot. Can’t Stand Her! Disappear Already! Too Bad There Wasn’t A Big Steamy Pile Of Dog Stool On The Ground!

  3. Olive Blacok

    ugghh…what a train wreck! her music is “catchy”…but she has been engulfed by stardom and celebrity and is well on her way to Celebretardum.

  4. meme

    madonna wanabe.

  5. Fletcher Christian III

    There is something not right about her

  6. marilyn

    It is sad and what’s sadder is the people that go see her. They are sicker than her, or him or whatever GaGa is suppossed to be.

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