1. Elena

    Why won’t she die?

  2. Chris


  3. LIZ


  4. rash drip cock

    from a distance, the tattoo on her left arm in pic #1 looks like an ocean liner or steamship of some kind. i know it’s not, but still, pretty funny…

  5. AnnymousError


  6. Yesh!

    This really made my day!!!!

  7. VandaL

    HAHAHAHA! I can’t breathe! This is the best thing to happen this year! Look at her going over! This is my new desktop background.

  8. She’s got the Fox River blueprint on her armpit.

  9. HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Seriously, I’m sick of Lady Gaga and all of her retarded outfits.

  10. Chris

    I’v fallen and can’t get up

  11. what

    fucking idiot. i hope she feels fucking humiliated trying to be someone she’s so obviously not. GAGA, DON’T WEAR SHIT YOU CAN’T EVEN FUCKING WALK IN. YOU WORTHLESS PRETENDER

  12. Roger Moore

    That was the 8th greatest thing I’ve seen today. It would have been so much awesomer if she had done a Kung Fu move at the end instead of just standing up like a normal person.

  13. Sandra

    made my day shinner ^_^

  14. Deb

    Change your name to GIRLY GAG GAG! You would be so much classier if you dressed with style.

  15. lol! the weirdo tripped! hahahaha :p

  16. i don’t get it why she have to dress like that!

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  17. brionna

    she a poser I hate her!!! your not madonna or micheal jackson weirdo. get your own image she copies so many people its just pathetic

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