1. AC

    So I followed the link to see the scary bushmerkinbeast you describe, and if you think that’s going full bush it is as I’ve always suspected: you’ve never seen a vagina in the wild (celluloid doesn’t count).

  2. CrashHell

    Zaaphoid Beeblebrox?

  3. Hey, that’s the same face I make when I see her saggy pancake boobs.


    oh great. a miley cryus wannabee.
    and holy shit wtf is up with the frankenstein brow?

  5. K-tron

    She looks like Matt Lucas from Little Britain wearing one of those novelty trompe l’oeil bikini t shirts.

  6. donkeylicks

    I always loved the cenobites. But really, another Hell Raiser reboot?

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