1. lily

    Beached Whale…Plastic Beached Whale

  2. Little Tongue

    How her vertebraes don’t pop out one after the other, from all that sillicon she’s carrying, is beyond me. If that woman falls down, it’s gonna take a crane and a tow truck to get her back unto her feet,

    • Bent Ears Audio Laboratories

      One “L” is sufficient: “Silicon”. And it is get her back onto her feet, not “unto”.

  3. What is this world coming to when Coco T has a doppelganger??

  4. SomeRandomChic


  5. This is the silicone version of those bodybuilders who can no longer turn their heads or put their arms down.

  6. Bob Soloway

    Miss Wildd … Has a heart of gold her boobs are big and she got plastic boobs but remember this what she wonts not the people. I am sure everbody has a opinion to say things ….Me myself it is whats inside of a person what counts. Not whats on the out side. Say nice things about people who ever they are. Bob from Michigan

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