1. Pooper Pete

    I don’t see how you could take this many pics of a chick in tight pants with an apparently bubble-like ass and not manage to get one single pic aimed straight-on at the back of the pooper.

  2. Ritt Momney

    I want to put my face in it

  3. Ollie

    That thing has a dude’s name.

    Kyle is a male name. “K-y-l”
    Kylie is a female name. “Ky-lee”

  4. Cinnamon

    its FAKE. (duh)
    Her, her sister(s) including Paris Hilton mom = FLAT ass.
    genetics Kyle. you come from a long line of flat butt women.. where did you get that ass?

  5. mimi

    She got that ass from the doctor!!

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