1. fapappy

    RIP Kurt. The Man who sold the World.

  2. adolf hitler

    man who sold the world is still alive

  3. You guys are talking about David Bowie, right?

    • I agreed, YES. It was David saved the world. Then, I apologized to Bowie. For saying, “Dear OLD David should accept what He has taken on and visit a Dr. working in plastique. Hell, even I have anual sessions, and I have not elected for fame, just yet. But, I am working on my Auto-Biography and even going so far as to due a copy in Collage. The title has not hit me but it shall be penned by Seth Curiel. Buy 12 copies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ihateemo

    Jesus fucking H Christ, people are stupid. “The Man Who Sold The World?” What are you retards talking about? What does that even mean?

    • fapappy

      It means you’re a dipshit.

    • I realize, from your statement regarding the meaning of “The Man Who Sold The World” that you have gotten very little in the way of education, We can’t all be winners. But, Let me give you a little colouring around the story. You have been high atop some city and problems of day to day life. Let’s add a very, VERY healthy does of a substance known as China White. That would be top quality heroin. that was one the primary substance used by Bowie at the time. Let me ask you this, did you attend any sort of school beyond 3rd grade or this. “If you could spend time in a bottle, what would be the first thing yould like to do.” One more thing ask Sonny Bono if “The Beat Goes On”. It would appear that you may be the one “educationally lacking.” As oposed to whomever you used that 19 century term………..RETARD! You are an absolute idiot, you sounded like a fool! Maybe, you should set your jug of corn whiskey down for a time. You do know, Nancy is out of office. Don’t you? Oh Yeah, that whole “WAR ON DRUGS” project of hers-how do I say this. It sort of went down the old crapper! Pick up a newspaper. I can’t tell from your note if you are 6 or 106.

  5. meh

    Courtney needs to sober up, he wasn’t well hung, it was a shotgun blast.

  6. A.

    Ihateemo, The man who sold the world is a song created by David Bowie. Kurt Cobain made a cover.

  7. Missy

    God, he was so beautiful.Look at those eyes. Amazing

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