1. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Trying….to lift…gun…with twig arms…is really hard!

  2. Anonymous

    All kinds of hotness going on here!

  3. bill

    She’s packing a Sig, probably a 229, but it’s cocked and that’s not how your suppose to carry it. Whoever did this was stupid.There is NO Safety Only a decocking lever! so any pressure on the trigger and a a ND will go off. Idiots. Who was the Set armorer? Should be fire for recommending this be done. in Canada too, they have the worst advisors.

  4. bill

    oh and she has no spare magazines, like 12 rounds will suffice? idiots. This shows the stupidity and unprofessionalism of tech advisors, producers and directors. Carry a pistol with only ONE magazine cuz it’s too heavy with anything else and no Cuffs either? *shakes head* And she’s too young to be a Plain clothes detective, who looks like she has no skills other then look good. and a tank top is not professional attire!

  5. SWL

    Bill, This clearly upsets you but you’re probably in a limited population of people who would watch this and even know enough to notice it…. and most of those who do notice are still not going to give a shit beyond hot chick in a tank top with a gun.

    • bill

      true true. But still people who know would facepalm for shit like this. Thankfully I wouldn’t watch prissy shows like this.

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