1. dontkillthemessenger

    Preoccupation with those things must be why Jay Cutler is playing so shitty now.

    Nah… he just sucks. But those boobs and that body are very nice.

  2. Pregnancy. For better or worse it’s nature’s plastic surgery

  3. sassy

    I hope for her sake that those smoothies have anti-gravity supplements.

  4. TheCynic

    Damn the torpedos and full steam ahead into that body


  6. baloo

    those are implants. she did not go from zero to hero with pregnancy. no mam.

    • Nicole

      You most certainly can grow that much with breastfeeding! Either yours didn’t grow or you’ve never been pregnant (or stuck to breastfeeding/pumping).

  7. jenn

    Lol those r sum saggy ass fake tits! Not cute. Sorry

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