1. madmaxnggrgangbang

    i’d still hit that…

  2. ceedee

    great face, great smile, I totally agree tho, hide them flapjacks

  3. YoureAllGay

    First of all, if her boobs were SAGGY, her nipples would be pointing down. If you look at the photos, her nipples are pointing straight up. She has bigger breasts and they’re natural but the last photo you can see they aren’t laying flat against her skin. If they were floppy they’d be FLAT against her skin. They’re full and a good size. Better than any of you will ever get your hands on unless they have sacks of silicone in them.

  4. name (required)

    Looks good to me. That is the bod of a normal, healthy, natural girl.

  5. bdog

    Ahhh, harsh.
    Having the ability to suck your own nipples has its own set of consequences… “: )

    Give the girl some slack… she weighed it up (whilst suckling no doubt) and decided nipple sucking pleasure was long term and the gaping dress was gonna be a one off fashion faux pas, lmao.
    still luvin your work mr Ficial

  6. JMK

    Uh, those look great to me.

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