1. meh!!

    gravity’s a bitch

  2. Ashley

    I think it’s funny when a man sees a natural boob and thinks it’s saggy. Dudes, get off your playboy magazine and stop fucking a plastic doll. Real boobs have weight and aren’t a bubble bolted on. Her dress pushes them down, but they’re not sagging. Fish, have you even ever seen a REAL naked woman. And by real, I mean like, living and breathing. Not the inflatable kind.

    • McFeely Smackup

      It’s funny when chicks with saggy boobs try to convince everyone that all boobs look that way. I’m sure yours do, and I’m sure you try to wear a bra when you have sex because you know how gross it is the way they slop into your armpits.

      But honey, the fact it many, many women have natural, firm breasts that haven’t been sucked into deflated sacks by the offspring you crank out like a stray dog.

      Saggy boobs are saggy boobs. It’s not a subjective judgment.

    • chill

      Sorry guys I’m just as then and fit same sized breast same age but perky as hell. She is too young to be able to hold a pencil under them thats not time or gravity thats suck as genetics.

  3. yuristache

    They look pretty nice and natural to me. Besides, nothing wrong with pancakes … I’d love to lick some syrup off of them. Vermont’s finest; get the maple action going.

  4. RoniMikey

    Looks great to me.I would love to see them.

  5. Keith

    Not liking natural breasts seems rather gay to me.

  6. Richester

    At least these don’t look as awful as those Katie Perry bikini boob pictures.

  7. al

    i thought this looked good and had to scroll back up when he said pancakes… i’d hit that in one second and so would all of us assholes

  8. Ryan

    How can anyone not like her boobs? Yes, they’re sagging a bit, but hey, I like ‘em just as much as the next pair of boobs.

  9. spamslots

    All you morons slamming the sag have obviously never seen a naked woman in real life. You probably won’t end up with a woman that looks half as good as she does.

  10. PlasticGirlsSuck

    how can you hang shit on Heidi Montag for her plastic tits/look/everything and then when a gorgeous natural girl shows up your still not happy. You need some help. Kristin looks amazing in these pictures. a slight sag beats the shit out of tits around your neck.

  11. Alexflash

    Nothin wrong with this woman. Appears there’s more than something wrong with a lot of this site’s visitors though. Day by day I’m starting to believe the place is crawling with horny 13 year olds.

  12. Aeon

    Aw, poor shut Superficial Writer – guess you’re so accustomed to avatar babes on Second Life you don’t recognize a natural boob. Step away from the computer NOW

  13. missfortune

    Jesus. You guys wouldn’t know a real boob if it hit you in the face. Grow up. If you want to see big ol’ stretched out skin, nasty fake boobs – go read playboy.

  14. Haha

    Lol, her boobs are just fine. They might droop a bit, but meh, that’s gravity! I think everyone is just used to seeing the tits in porn and such, where they’re either fake, or if they are real, the nipples are erect. In case you amateurs didn’t notice, breasts can take on a completely different shape when the nipples are erect.

  15. adam

    I cannot make a determination. “Saggy boobs” are conditional on the nipple placement.

  16. Drundel

    HIDEOUS top, jesus, who the hell let her out with that on? Her ass looks good.

  17. butterboo

    Um…..that’s what normal boobs look like. Not “normal” as in fat, saggy, average. But natural.

    Guess we’re too used to cantaloupe sacs ‘ round here…

    Yeah, ya just dissed natural breasts.

  18. Me

    I need to get the fuck out of this flat floppidy flippin flap blog.

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