1. absinthe

    That guy is butt fucking ugly

  2. alan

    why is Chris Kattan trying to kill her?

  3. Anon

    It’s so obvious she is lying on the floor, and they just rotated the picture 90° to the left…

  4. kate

    No way! It’s turned to the left? Fascinating!

  5. Schaich Petey

    Love the last pic. Great 90 degree rotation. KC is super, super sexy. I bet Matt Lienart wishes he was still hitting that.

  6. Id

    If this guy’s a photographer I am Annie Leibovitz.

  7. wtf

    time to beat my cock to oblivion. :)

  8. leya

    He’s just coping the photos with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Claudia Schiffer from GQ, which by the way is way hotter than this crap…

  9. Marcus

    i wonder if that carpet matches her carpet.

  10. Lucky Breaks

    Kristen’s pretty, but these pictures are really stupid.

  11. Rocky Bushrod

    Butt-average skinny ho. Dime a dozen. It’s prolly not too late for her to get her job back at A&F, she should do so.

  12. mao_junior

    wow, these are some poorly shot photos and kristin looks terribly waifish here…id love to see her gain 20lbs…she would be stunning….god bless rubenesque women! …this the word of mao.

  13. castle_queen

    She’s awful.

  14. ljc

    I think her scrawney body is disgusting. Anyone who finds that attractive most likely gets off to child porn as well. awkward, not sexy…eewwee

  15. gigi

    pic 3 is pretty hot — like dude’s hand

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