1. Marcus

    i’d have a big wetmark on my pants.

  2. juaquin ingles

    I’m pretty sure this little turd’s dick got glued to his pants after this.

  3. Ray Sist

    My pants are tight!

  4. ntlj

    Why does it look like they shot this in someones front yard? Yo, watch out for the dog crap!

  5. memem

    what I wouldnt give to see this pic from a slightly different angle

  6. Nique

    This is not art. Hell of a bad photo, and so are the others.

    • spot

      you can see the car parked in the driveway in the background! awful, awful photo. she must be really desperate for exposure post-Hills. hopefully this means the next step is a “leaked” sex tape…

  7. Jagov

    I’ve got a pant full of bone right now.

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