1. talking sense

    she still doesn’t have tits.

  2. Does it really fall to me to point out the obvious? Really?

    She was 17 when she was in the first Twilight movie, and is now older and heavier. Tiny boobs growing into being small boobs is not exactly a shock.

    I hope you’re proud. McFeely Smackup had to be the voice of reason…fucking apocalypse is coming.

  3. O'chunt

    Did she get a jaw enlargement at the same time?

  4. jim

    in order to steal edward she’d need a fake penis (or a real one…maybe it’s hiding under that skirt) – not fake boobs

  5. GLT

    You can put lipstick on a pig…

  6. anonym

    that’s the face of a girl that just got laid

  7. c-ko

    I go from flat chested to a large b cup every morning. And it’s called a padded bra.

  8. DirtyFighter

    Hooray! From homely to…… still-homely-but-now-with-more-saline- in-her-chest!!

  9. DrRic

    My call is too low down to be fake.

    Or at least implant fake. A state of the art carbon nanotube bra, and gel pads made from space shuttle technology, combining to a breast improvement solution worth approximately the GDP of Belize…entirely possible.

  10. Doc Brown

    If you ask, She would say “Boobs? where we are going, we don’t need boobs”

  11. judd

    Hee-haw said the donkey

  12. Evangelista

    ““While this might be the result of a new, state-of-the-art bra, it’s most likely the result of a breast augmentation,” adds Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.”

    Um, really? How the hell does he know “most likely”

  13. Tenn_Gal

    Come on, that foul mouthed dirty…classless little girl that has … SWEAT STAINS under her pits….She doesn’t even have pierced ears. It would take away from her KOOL~NESS. ROB IS TOO GOOD 4 HER !!!! She fuked up bad.

  14. Hee Hee! “Harder than expected” I bet. I am happy for them. They’re still just figuring out where things go, and should not go…

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