1. Hannah

    Or she could just be wearing a pushup bra…

  2. Chinny

    I see we’re still playing pretty fast and loose with the term “breasts,” eh?

  3. Leiy

    How does some fancy little plastic surgeon expect us to take him seriously when he has no idea whatsoever about bras and cup sizes? Her breasts on that small of a back band size, most likely 26 or 28 would make her a C-DD cup. Idiots these days…

  4. Jade

    Victoria’s Secret sells bra’s that make your breasts look 2 cup sizes bigger instantly. But those variations of the push up bra have been around for ages. It’s common knowledge. But I see people are still getting paid saying shit that makes no sense.

  5. bigfun

    either way she is still uglier then 5 fat bitches fucking in a 2 seater

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