1. yomama


  2. SeymourButz

    I mean, c’mon, sometimes her mouth opens and your cock just naturally falls into it. Nobody’s to blame, everyone’s a victim of circumstance.

  3. Bionic_Crouton

    Really?…She is the exact opposite of talented and sexy!

  4. I work with women too. I haven’t fucked any of them. This not some random accident and it wasn’t a one time thing. They both saw something they wanted and they took it. I don’t give a fuck about the age difference,if she’s old enough to drink and go to war, she’s old enough to fuck anyone she wants.

  5. It’s been an awful month for Hollywood’s most famous beards.

  6. bex

    I would understand and forgive my father for tapping that. I’d high five him.

  7. Kristin

    I think it’s funny that all of the media outlets are using this photo to drive the point home that these two were having an affair.. but it doesn’t show the fact that Charlize Theron is in the middle and that’s who Kristen Stewart is actually looking at..

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