1. Troll's Nighmare

    It looks like her and the creepy guy behind her will or just fucked.

  2. cam

    Pity this site does not moderate comments. It’s a great website but the comments are disgusting and just give trolls a voice to make their sexually explicit, vile comments. 14 year olds look at this site. Please consider your viewers are often children and that you have a responsibility to protect them from reading sexually explicit material so they can enjoy their innocence while they can.

    • Yes, moderate the comments, but leave “I’m a miserable cunt!” and the blow-by-blow (so to speak) analysis of the Hulk Hogan sex video be. That makes total sense.

    • We don’t get too many kids here. These days kids are feral brats that can barely read and write, so I think we would notice. ;)

    • KC

      I’m going to guess that you’re either a parent who caught their 14 year old on this site, or a 14 on a preachy power trip. Either way, you must really think that 14 year olds are idiots if you believe that they would think this site is meant for kids. NO part of this site seems “child friendly” to me. If you’re a parent, get better internet controls if it bothers you that your kid was on here. If you’re a kid, go away and let us have our fun.

  3. cam

    Ah well – it’s just a childhood – may as well let screwed up people make disgusting sexual comments about young people’s favourite actresses so they can’t even enjoy a movie without taking the magic away from it. Just consider who is googling ‘Kristen Stewart’ and that they will possibly read The Superficial. Could be your own daughter or any young girl you know. Men who make degrading sexual remarks on the internet are probably sex offenders/ freaks. Normal men don’t do that – they get laid.

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