1. Me.

    I think it’s good. It makes her look less dead and more like a lesbian.

  2. High heels

    I always thought kristen stewart was butt ugly, until now. Shes starting to evolve into a real female! I guess her girly chats with robert pattinson must of helped.
    Only if she had the same hair dye color with LONG hair then people would talk about her more often.

  3. somebody

    she used to have blond hair…. lighter than this… shocker! its just hair people. google the movie in the land of women.
    I think she looks way better anyways her skin tone is too light for black hair.

  4. I’ll never get the fuzz about this boy.

  5. John g.


  6. danielle

    Love it and love the color. I’m so excited to see Eclipse!!!!! Everyone check out the amazing trailer on beezag.com. Only one more day left til the premier.

  7. fierster

    her skin is shining, isn’t it?

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