1. stephanie

    Hey Kourtney! If I could design a clothing line for QVC I would name it “bella mia” just because it means beauty, and mine. For us ladies, those words are key because we all want to feel beautiful with what we wear. Thank you!

  2. Helen S.

    Hi Doll!
    Love you Kourt and Mason is so adorb. If I could establish my own clothing line (which would be a dream), as well as other accessories, it would be called…”STREET by HS.” Street because this is my last name. I would have categories so for example, the first line of my fabulous jeggings would be called “BB” (stands for my hometown). Etc. My clothing store would be called “CAPRI Boutique” because I love anything Italian. And my line has to consist of what I truly love such as: belted sweaters, capes & ponchos, leggings are a few of my favs! All would have names that are meaningful to me. My line would signify “sexy with class.” A classy woman is the most fashionable! xoxo

  3. Stephanie

    If I could have a fashion line I would call it Me N Mine. The reason for that is my line Would represent boldness and define everyones style. The me in the line would mean the style could belong to anyone and represent it’s thiers. The mine would represent no one can pull it off like them.

  4. katherine amaya

    If I had my own clothing line I would call it amaya because its my last name n it sounds exotic it would b a line that makes women feel beautiful

  5. Lana dash

    If I had a line for QVC I would name it Imperfection At It’s Best!it’s a long name yes,but nobody is perfect.we all have our flaws that we have to embrace!why not embrace it in your favorite piece of clothing!Feel beautiful all day everyday!

  6. maria lopez

    i would name my clothing line: Vella. It means beautiful in spanish. The clothing line would be elegant yet chic and afordable. Clothing that can embrace every womans inner and outter beauty.

  7. Caitlin

    Hey Kourt ! If I could have my own line I’d call it LI&LO after Live and Love cause in life living and loving is what gets us through the day and to most people clothes do to. Where would we be without clothes and being able to share them :)

  8. Shelley

    I would love to design a childrens line of clothes, because all babys clothes are one of 2 colors. Boys are blue (any shade) and girls are pink (any shade). I would love to create a line that uses more colors of every kind. I would name it after my adorable niece elaina rose. Because it would be colorful just like her personality.

  9. gin

    I would name my line ‘Exhibit Bee.’ Bee, from Beatrice (voyager through life), is a part of my nickname. The line would express a vogue voyager’s superior fashion flair.

  10. E

    I wld name my line “Gift”. Women were created as gifts to men, according to the Bible. And who knows better then then the one that made us himself!

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