1. Joaquin ingles

    Finally sexualizing the mentally retarded. I was wondering when they’d “tap” that market.

  2. How did she ever get cast as an actress in the first place? She’s got the bland, blank, emotionless features of a burn victim

    • sassy

      Obviously for her tal… haha, I can’t even write the whole word out and take it seriously. Blow jobs. I think the answer is blow jobs.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    In a futile effort to smile, Kristen clenches hers fists as hard as she can. Unfortunately, all she can pull off is opening her mouth only wide enough to see her buck teeth.

  4. yamyama

    She’s an okay actress, with an okay face… i guess… But overall it just feels like she’s missing that ‘special something’. And by ‘special something’ I mean breasts.

  5. lala

    WHY does she think this is a normal face to make when being photographed? I don’t think she’s ugly, except when she tries to do whatever she’s going for here here… sexy? smiling? vapid? Idk.

  6. My Lite

    she almost looks half-retarded here. good for her!

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