1. Old lady nipple. Yum.

  2. AlbertaGuy

    brb, cutting my eyes out.

  3. absinthe

    As cringeworthy as Kris Jenner is, she honestly doesn’t look ~that~ bad

  4. Dude of Dudes

    You wont be “wondering” where you got the clap from.

  5. Jimbo

    The nice fake tits look pretty good,

  6. HorseCockJohnson

    I would knock the cob webs off that dusty pussy.

  7. mike

    When did Wonder Women ever wear granny panites!?

  8. BOB

    why in the Christ would you should such at hing. My retinas just detached

  9. anonym

    that’s what kim k will look like in 10 years

  10. They need to be re-bolted…gravity is a bitch

  11. She is the human female equivalent of black licorice. It seems like it should be yummy…making the disgusting reality even more shocking.

  12. egg solo

    Wondering if nipple bleaching was a package part of the tit job or a weekly maintenance thing…

  13. Dugger

    When I click on zoom, the nipples follow the magnifier glass just like a set of eyeballs. Are they supposed to do that? Is this some type of cute Java coding or are they possessed?

  14. JoeDiddy

    The horror…
    The horror…

  15. Penis Fart

    My zoom broke. My life has been spared!

  16. Anderson Pooper

    Halloween is supposed to be scary, but this just takes it too far.

  17. neo

    Where boners go to die.

  18. The Pope

    That’s what happens when you let Kramer take your picture.

  19. The Vagrant

    I told them John Travolta was dressing up as Wonder Woman for halloween.

  20. That ain’t right.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    I’m the same age as Kris and I envy her trim waist line (more due genetics than exercise) but I envy NOTHING else about that fame whore

    • SuperJ

      Yet you feel the need to reply against someone calling out the wierd placement of her bolt-ons. Her nipples are way far apart (the intent of the original post), yet you are defending her waistline (which no one brought up). She has enough of her daughters “pee-on-me” money, why shouldn’t her nipples face the same way? You suck.

  22. Bionic_Crouton

    Someone said it best when they said “Lynda Carter needs to choke a bitch”.

  23. neo

    This photo makes me “wonder” why I stood in line for the new iPhone 5 w/ RETINA display.

  24. spartacus


  25. DaRkNeSsReIgN!!!

    She’s more of a attention slut than her daughters

  26. I just threw up in my pants.

  27. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    There isn’t enough alcohol in the world to make me like that.

    Of course, I never think there’s enough alcohol in the world, but what the hell.

  28. rican

    I just wouldn’t be able to handle the granny perfume smell.

  29. Wonder-Whyshewon’tgoaway

  30. notimpressed

    Considering she left Robert for defending OJ, the man she thought killed her best friend. I highly doubt she is talking to him. I don’t like this lady at all, but c’mon, what a bogus story!

  31. you just know she already sucked OJ S dick back in the day. Black cock runs in that family they had to get it from the whore mother

  32. Skeeter

    I wonder if she’s had work done on her anus?

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