1. Maximiliano

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! you could just FEEL this whole charade was for one thing-money money money. that whole flmiay is all about the dollar amount, they are the personification of GREED. and stupid people who actually watch their shows and buy their products are pitiable. I was suprised the wedding even went ahead but not at all shocked by the divorce. I knew this wouldnt last. I mean in the few trailers for the wedding special you could see he didnt even know hald the people at his own wedding! this is ust greed at its most disgusting. Watch her get paid for the divorce exclusive’ where she’ll sob her heart’ out about it and blah blah blah. all done for cash. I laughed at her wedding plans-classless, tasteless and vile. like she could BUY a marriage, buy the happy ever after. well guess what, sweetie, you cant. its called work. real work, somethig the K flmiay knows nothign of.

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